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Guidelines :: Co-Op Advertising Guidelines

Bryant® Co-op Advertising Guidelines

The Bryant logotype, brand name and associated trademarks are valuable assets. They help consumers identify our products and services. They stand for quality, reliability, value and trust. In short, they help build sales.

We’ve developed advertising materials designed to build awareness for both you and the brand. The use of consistent imagery and themes depicting you, the dealer, as a hero willing to do Whatever it takes® to keep your customers comfortable help tell your story as member of the community you serve. We encourage the customization of these materials with your image and even allow the use of your brand logo as large as you like. Guidelines for modifications of these ads are given on nearly every page of the ad kit. Though Bryantman imagery is no longer supported in the ad kit, dealer created materials depicting Bryantman are still acceptable for co-op funding but must follow all guidelines for dealer produced materials.


The amount of dealer co-op allowance you have is governed by your distributor and the type of advertising you choose to do. In order to receive co-op reimbursement you must adhere to certain brand guidelines and obtain prior approvals when called for. This is especially true of any locally produced advertisements. However, no prior approval is necessary when a dealer uses (with allowable modifications only) any materials published in the current Bryant ad kit.

Campbell-Ewald is the auditing agency with authority over creative material approvals and dispersal of co-op advertising funds. If you choose to create your own materials locally and intend to seek co-op funds, you must receive authorization from Campbell-Ewald prior to running the ad. Email for approval.

Allowable Expenses

In general, nearly any media that strongly identifies the dealer with the brand is allowed. The term “media” refers to costs to broadcast, replicate and distribute print materials or purchase space. Media commissions are allowed only for media planning and other activities directly related to the placement of TV, radio and online media.

Not covered are costs for creative writing, design or other production costs associated with the creation of advertisements or TV and radio tags for broadcast.

Qualified expenses:

Also qualified:

Many types of merchandising that include the approved logo and identify the distributor and/or dealer with Bryant brand also qualifies.

Non-qualified advertising items:

Marketing Fund Co-op Advertising Guidelines

For dealer-produced materials
All dealer-produced materials that do not originate from the ad kit, must have prior approval from Campbell-Ewald to qualify.


  • Bryant logo and tag clearly and prominently featured on home page
  • List and show Bryant products exclusively (exception: website may note by name (no logos) all brands serviced)
  • Logos appearing in photos on page, including those depicting trucks, uniforms, products, etc. are not considered sufficient
  • Bryant logo clearly and prominently shown on banner ads
  • Copy-only based ads must include the use of the Bryant brand name
  • Bryant logo clearly and prominently shown on banner ads
  • Copy-only based ads must include the use of the Bryant brand name
Social Media
  • Twitter and like feeds must mention Bryant name
  • Facebook page must clearly and prominently feature Bryant logo
  • Bryant logo and tag clearly and prominently shown
  • Audible mention of both Bryant name and "Whatever it takes" tag
  • Pre-approval of script required unless using ad kit materials
  • Audible mention of Bryant name no less than 2x in a 30-second spot and 3x in a 60-second spot
  • Audible mention of the tagline "Whatever it takes" at least once per spot
  • Pre-approval of script required unless using ad kit materials
TV and Radio Program Sponsorships
  • Audible mention of Bryant name
  • Any visual materials featuring dealer must include the Bryant logo and tag clearly and prominently shown
  • Bryant logo and "Whatever it takes" tagline clearly and prominently shown
  • Logos within the text or body of an ad or logos appearing in photographs including those depicting trucks, uniforms, products, etc. are not considered sufficient use
  • Bryant® logo and "Whatever it takes" tagline clearly and prominently shown
  • Logo must be at minimum ½ the size of the dealer’s logo
Logo Use Requirements
  • Use current logo and tagline style found in the Bryant ad kit
  • Logo should not appear less than ½ the size of the dealer logo and never less than 1 inch in width
  • Do not alter logo in any way other than sizing
  • Do not place logo in a shape
  • Logo should never touch, overlap, or be used under any other word or design
  • Registration mark "®" must be visible and readable
  • Use color versions of the logo specifically as set out in the guidelines
Bryant Name Use in Copy
  • When part of copy or spoken the Bryant brand name must be used as an adjective followed by a noun (e.g.: Bryant® brand; Bryant® Evolution® system; Bryant® heat pump)
  • First instances of "Bryant" or other trademarked names such as "Evolution" used as part of a headline or body copy must be followed by a registration mark (e.g.: Bryant® heat pump; Evolution® system)
Product Claims
  • Any energy saving claims or ratings must be based on current energy guide fact sheets and adhere to Department of Energy (DOE) guidelines
  • Advertising not specifically covered by this policy should have prior approval from Campbell-Ewald or the Bryant advertising manager
  • Advertising paid for, in whole or in part, with market funds cannot include competitive items, equipment, brand names, etc. This includes indoor air quality (IAQ) products and controls. (Exception: website may note by name (no logos) all brands serviced)
For ad kit materials
Materials developed from the current ad kit in accordance with its rules are pre-approved. Any deviations from these materials are subject to the rules governing dealer produced materials.
  • Use the headlines, unchanged, in the font and color provided
Dealer Image
  • If selected ad features the dealer image, use the generic dealer photo provided or create a similarly posed dealer photo in a white shirt with the Bryant logo (shirt may also show dealer logo) on a grey background
Logo Area
  • Always include the black bar with the Bryant logo and “Whatever It takes” tagline unaltered at the bottom. There are no restrictions on dealer logo size in these ads
Body Copy
  • If using Bryant supplied, legally approved body copy, do not change or add to it, except to add your company’s name where called for

Additional Guidelines

Along with Bryant Marketing Fund Co-op Advertising Guidelines, your ads must also meet legal requirements. To be eligible for co-op advertising funds, follow these guidelines, always be truthful and avoid miscommunication.

All references to warranties must conform to federal, state and local regulations. When a dealer creates its own warranty, it must be clearly stated that warranty responsibility lies with the dealer, not the manufacturer. Because many states now regulate the sale of third-party warranties, and because of the tremendous financial liabilities associated with dealer or third-party issued warranties, Bryant strongly discourages this practice.

Professional Claims
Only Bryant dealers who have fully met the requirements for Factory Authorized Dealer status and have been confirmed through the manufacturer may claim to be Factory Authorized. Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems and your Bryant distributor are required to pursue any false claims in the interest of providing consumers with factual information.

“Free” Offers
The word “free” should be used with extreme caution. Many states regulate or prohibit “free” offers in connection with the sale of goods or services. When “free” or “bonus” or an equivalent are permitted and are used in conjunction with a bonus offer for purchasing equipment, the bonus price cannot be passed on.

Special Offers
When you are advertising a special price, be sure to include the following: “For a limited time only. Call for details.” A discount is an additional cost to promote a sale. When advertising discounts and rebates, you cannot raise your price to cover an advertised discount or rebate. Local authorities may elect to prosecute misleading advertising of this nature.

Financing Offers
Extra caution should be exercised when mentioning financing offers in advertisements. It’s important to note:

Advertising Ethics
When creating your Bryant advertising, you must always display good business ethics—the disparagement of competitors will not be tolerated. Your communications must meet regulations set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), as well as other required federal, state and local laws. Dealers should promote their businesses in a straightforward, factual fashion just as they would expect from other businesses.