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How to Obtain - Distributor Use Only
Ordering Bryant TV spots is now made simple by the use of an electronic direct-to-station distribution service called DG/Fast Channel now known as Extreme Reach. Extreme Reach enables you to send appropriately formatted TV spots electronically direct to stations quickly and at low cost. You can also order tapes of commercials for stations or DVDs for viewing as needed. In addition to TV spot distribution, Extreme Reach can provide other services to simplify the management of TV advertising programs. These services can include custom tagging, marrying your tags to the spots and storage of your custom tagged spots for future distribution.

Dealers can order through their distributors, who can set up a Extreme Reach account by reading and signing Extreme Reach's credit card authorization and terms and conditions sheets and completing the order form. Both forms should be emailed or faxed to Extreme Reach at or 877-324-3225. Any questions about setting up an account or the options for ordering can be emailed to the Extreme Reach Bryant team at any point in the process at The main number at Extreme Reach is 312-624-7473.

Cost Overview for Direct-to-Station Digital Delivery*
(see order form for additional options)

Cost for each standard definition spot:
Cost for each high definition spot:
DVD viewing copies of your commercials are available:


$25 for first :30; $10 for each additional :30 to the same station on the same order
$200 per station
Beginning at $43, plus $15 shipping

Custom tagging available starting at $95 per spot. Obtain cost estimates through customer service at
*Prices subject to change.

Available Bryant TV Spots — Contact Your Distributor for Ordering

:30 BRYT36361330

:23/:07 BRYT36361223
Dealer use, 7 second tag space

:15 BRYT36361115

:12/:03 BRYT36361012
Dealer use, 3.5 second tag space