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Additional Headlines and Promotional Copy Ideas

Infinity® Air Conditioner


How many ways can an air conditioner bring comfort to your world?

Back Up/Dealer/Outdoor

How many ways can you be comfortable?

Can your air conditioner make everybody more comfortable?

Save up to 56% on your cooling costs* while also saving some other valuable resources.

*Cooling cost savings compared to a 10 SEER air conditioner.

Infinity® Furnace


Better for where you live. Better for where we all live.


Want to reduce your heating costs and your impact on the planet?

Bring more comfort to your world.

Reduce your heating costs by up to 1/3 while also reducing your impact on the environment*.

*Heating cost savings compared to a 64 AFUE furnace.

Infinity® Air Purifier


Being a pet lover doesn’t mean you have to be a pet dander lover.


We’re creating a more comfortable world for mankind. Mold, virus, allergen, and pet dander-kind? Not so much.

Love the pet. Lose the dander.

Puron® Refrigerant


Think gas prices are high? Wait until you have to fill up your old air conditioner.


What you don’t know about the future of air conditioning might cost you.

In January 2010, will your comfort become a luxury?

Will new EPA rules increase the price of your comfort?